My space had become overwhelming with items inherited from a bereavement and a room that had never been fully organised. I hired Poppy in need of outside help to regain our family living room. My anxieties were instantly pushed away when she arrived. Poppy is so warm, kind and put me at ease through out every step of the process. You feel like you are organising with a friend. I loved that she not only comes armed with experience, but also her ‘Mary Poppins’ bag of tools ready to help in any instance.

Over two days we were able to transform the room into one that is more functional than before. Everything in it is needed and has a practical space. I could not have done this amount of work, this change, in this period of time without Poppy. She made it fun and was so resourceful. Her love and experience for this work shows. We are so thankful for having Poppy come into our space and bringing life back into it.



Waking up in a clutter free house was almost a re-birth! My mood significantly changed from morning to evening – thanks to you. Thank you again for your efficient work overall – my daughter was very happy to reclaim her space too! 



Poppy coming was a breath of fresh air – not only do we have extremely tidy toy cupboard, I also feel like I have a clearer head since I don’t feel stressed by the mess every time I look inside it. It’s also fantastic to finally have a place where things belong, so I’m confident we can keep it organised from now on!



Working with Poppy was a really enjoyable experience, and she kept me motivated and on track to transform my home. I am amazed how much of a positive impact this process has had on me, and the difference a clutter free home has had. Poppy talked me through everything that I wanted to achieve, and as we worked through each room she had so many ideas and tips to maximise the space. Every cupboard that I open I can now see everything that’s in there without sorting through the mess that it was before. I wouldn’t have believed that was possible at the start of the process.

Walking into my home is now a calming experience. Everything is now in an intuitive place, and I spend no time looking for anything because it all has its place. I now know every item that’s in my home and where it lives. Due to the way we organised my home it is now easier to keep it clean and I can now come back from work and enjoy a peaceful and clutter free home.

The communication from Poppy throughout the process including the follow up period was excellent. I am feeling motivated to keep everything looking perfect as I know this is going to improve my life going forward. I wish I had done it years ago. Thank you for all your help!



I didn’t know quite what to expect, but Poppy was absolutely amazing. She immediately put me at ease, I felt no embarrassment about the state of my room. What we covered in a morning would have taken me at least two days on my own.

I am naturally a very disorganized person and Poppy showed me lots of ways to store things which I know I will be able to use going forward. She helped me consider how I used my belongings to make sure they were in a sensible place and helped me to decide what to get rid of. I LOVE my jumper and cardigan drawers now. They went from a jumbled mess that was too full to even shut, to neatly and simply organized with space left over. I feel so excited to get up each morning knowing exactly where everything is.



Organise with Poppy was recommended to me. I knew deep down that it would probably take a professional to nudge me into taking that first step to declutter. I liked the way Poppy patiently took me through the process, which although made such sense, would have been difficult to manage on one’s own…otherwise I would have done it years ago! Poppy explained what would happen from the beginning – and I could tell from her calm nature that she would be the one to help me.

I had been looking to clear my office space where I like to write creatively as well as maintain my day to day admin. Following Poppy’s visit the area is now useable, allowing my creative energy to flow. Poppy enabled me to see that structure and organisation of the area doesn’t block the creativity –it gives it space. I feel more energised yet calmer at my desk now. The experience has made me realise I need to make time to sort things as I go along for a calmer lifestyle. 

The whole experience could have been overwhelming, but Poppy was patient, professional and perfect for the task. The difference to my work space has been phenomenal and I don’t feel I’ve lost anything – just gained energy and space! The smaller areas we worked on which have been niggling away at me as I know they needed organizing, now make me happy when I see them! Poppy came up with some great ideas for keeping objects in their place. And I’m sure I’ll be saving time reaching in for what I need, knowing I can lay my hands on it straight away! Thank you Poppy!