It’s so easy for our belongings to build up and then they  detract from our space, rather than add to it. It can leave us feeling unhappy, weighed down and stressed. Decluttering, organising and maintaining your space can help you reconnect. My services create solutions that work for you as an individual, household, or business. The services listed below are examples of some of the work that I do and can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements. As a Professional Organiser in Bristol, I’ve helped a number of clients who’ve benefitted enormously from booking the services below.

All Services Include...

The Process

The process is straightforward and designed to make the whole project as stress-free as possible.

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HOME Services

Create calm, clutter-free space in your home.

There are many reasons why you may be looking for someone to come in and support you with decluttering or organising your home. 

I combine a number of decluttering and organisation methods when working with clients. This ensures a bespoke service is provided and that the needs of every client are met with solutions that work for them, well into the future. 

Clients may also wish to combine these services with elements of the Personal Services (please see below), which look at inbox management, to do lists and creating efficient routines.

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It may be that you have certain rooms you’d like to focus on and we can work through these one by one. Together, we will ensure your belongings are beautifully organised after decluttering. 

Moving house can be a daunting task. However, it’s the perfect opportunity to review your belongings, work out what you really need and then organise it to make unpacking into your new home a breeze.

This allows a fresh start, meaning you can enjoy the process of placing your items into your new home. It speeds up the process of unpacking, as-well as saving you money on removal services.  Click here for more info.

Sometimes we have been in our space for so long that we don’t notice the things that other’s might notice about our space. When it comes to selling, it’s important to make the right first impression. I can come and help you clear your home to ensure it’s light, inviting and spacious. When you are selling something in the hundreds of thousands of pounds, you really can’t afford not to show the potential of your property. Click here for more info.

Say goodbye to wardrobe chaos! We will work together to reduce the clutter in your wardrobe and make more space for the pieces you love. As well as clothes, we will sort through your shoes and accessories. I can even design a built in wardrobe that’s perfect for your needs.

There aren’t many changes as big, or as exciting, as having a baby. Expectant parents often want to get as organised as possible before their new baby is born, as they know they will soon have less time and even more possessions. If you already have worries about clutter and organisation then I can come and help you prepare by getting your house organised and baby-ready.

If you already have children you will know that children naturally come along with an element of chaos and disorganisation! 

Whether it’s toddlers with toys/clothes that don’t have places, or enough storage, or older children who haven’t quite got a handle on tidying and organisation, I can help. Often no-one has taught us how to organise and therefore we don’t naturally know the best systems to use. These skills will help all the family and help set you up for a calmer environment to enjoy family life. 

If you have a desk or office area, you’ll know that’s your space to either work from home, be creative, or complete personal admin. You therefore will want this space to be as organised and inviting as possible. We will look at workflow, layout, organisation of your stationary and other issues specific to your space.

Sorting through a loved one’s possessions can be emotionally and physically tiring. I can help you make decisions about the items they have left behind. Whether you are trying to get a house ready for sale or simply sort memories, I can support and help make the process easier. 


Take control of your 'to do' lists and filing.

This suits a variety of individuals who wish to become more organised with their life in general.

Organising isn’t just about physical things. It’s about to-do items, appointments, paperwork, future plans, personal projects etc.

Once I’ve understood your lifestyle and your general day to day activities, we can create sustainable routines that work better for you, keeping you organised, one step ahead and most importantly, feeling in control of your life. 

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It may be that you don’t tend to write the the things you need to do down. Maybe you try and remember everything, or you may have dozens of pieces of paper with things written on. This service combines your lists and covers time management and efficient routines to allow you to get more done, in less time, keeping outstanding items to a minimum. 

The first step is working out which documents you really need to keep, which I can help with. The second stage is organising these so that when you need them, you know where they are. This can include financial paperwork, utility bills, medical records and anything paper-based.

Whether your laptop desktop needs decluttering, or you have pages of apps on your smartphone, we will look at simplifying and reducing everything. We can also set up filing systems for your personal documents. 

You may have other areas in your personal life that you feel are unorganised or cause you more stress than is necessary. Please contact me if you have something specific you would like us to work on together, as techniques can be applied to the majority of situations. 

Let’s work towards getting your inbox to zero. We will talk through the use of your inbox tools (such as flagging and subfolders) and also look to reduce the amount of time you spend opening and deleting emails that aren’t relevant to you anymore. 

Business Meeting


Create an environment that fosters creativity and focus.

Having a work space and office that flows correctly, that is clear and uncluttered is the key to productivity and workplace efficiency. Having worked for small businesses, including as a Business Manager, I understand the strains and stresses of running a business and the importance of a calm, organised environment. 

I combine traditional organising and decluttering methods, with those specific to the workplace in order to create an environment that fosters creativity and focus, leaving you to focus on building your business. 

Some clients may wish to combine elements of personal services, such as inbox management into their service. 

Whether it’s an office, store room, workshop, storage unit or studio, I can declutter, reorganise and optimise the space for your business.

Our desks are where we spend most of our working day, yet their layout, or clutter often distract from work and hamper efficiency. I will work with your employees to declutter their spaces and organise items to ensure there is a more natural workflow and that things such as cable management are taken care of. 

Whether it’s piles of filing, old contracts, receipts or a mixture of paperwork you are unsure if you need, I will create paper management systems so that things no longer get lost, or take ages to find. We will also work on strategies for reducing paper in general, meaning there is less to maintain going forward.

We’ve all done it, in our rush to get things completed, we save files somewhere quick, often a desktop, or generic folder. This causes problems when other employees need to find documents, or you need to locate the most up-to-date version of a document. By implementing a digital filing system, you can be sure that everyone in the business knows where to save, and find things. It also helps when inducting new employees as the document system is intuitive. 

Ready to sort your space and have a fresh start?